Photo Encaustics

Photo Encaustic is the art of using beeswax and damar resin as a medium added to the photo. Encaustic has been used for centuries as a painting medium or as a way to collage interesting ephemera into an art piece. Some of these works are mixed media and some are just photos with the added texture of the wax. Most of these are family related but can be purchased. If you are interested in having your own encaustics done from a photo or interested in purchasing any of these please email me.


My Great Grandparents-Ben and Ida Morrison with their children Ethel (my grandma), James and Pearl. 8×8
My Grandparents-Rila and Lillie Martin 8×8
My Grandparents-James Carson and Minnie Ethel London. 8×8


Hudson-my shadow- 8×8
My Great Grandparents
Noah and Amanda Jane Woodall. 8×8
My Great Grand parents-Joseph Newton London and Tennessee Hicks London. 8×8
My Great Great Grand parents¬† Joe and Polly Morrison. 8×8
My Great Grandparents
Ida and Ben Morrison 8×8
My Grandparents- Minnie Ethel Morrison London and James Carson London 8×8 ¬† A Castle a day 8×10